Nervous on Stage?

It’s expected you would be. Especially if you fail to understand the 3 things your audience really need from you.

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When it comes to having an impact on stage (or any other medium, e.g video or event small groups settings) it doesn’t matter how intellectual  you are, or how many degrees you have, or even how famous you are, what matters most is, are people listening.

Getting people to listen isn’t necessarily about what you say, in fact it has far more to do with knowing how to be a beacon of light that takes your audience out of their struggles and pain.

How ready are you to utilise the simple formula to achieving exactly that?

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You might be wondering whether this 3 part video series is right for you and your message. No matter the medium, or the stage or the topic, all human audience’s needs are the same.

Take this opportunity. Click the button below and the 3 Part video series you need will be delivered straight to your inbox, ready to be capitalised on today.

Marc Miles who delivered this course was fantastic! A highly qualified and skilled Trainer and presenter. Marc not only equipped the audience with the knowledge needed to be a competent presenter but also imparted some invaluable tips and skills on how too be a really effective public speaker. Marc ensured that everyone left the training with the confidence and capabilities to go straight into presenting in whatever field they work in.

Darleene McAllan

Is it possible to go from amateur uncertainty to professional joy for speaking from stage in 2 days? Yes, it is. I did. Thank you Marc Miles for your tutelage and coaching, your knowledge, professionalism and dedication to you craft. I am now ready to go and own my stage.

Chris Christoff

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